TACA Fall Craft Fair September 28 - 30 in Centennial Park

Hours: Friday & Saturday 10 am - 6pm & Sunday 10 am - 5 pm

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The changing of the seasons also means that it is time for the Fall Craft Fair!

Craft artists from across the US will travel to Nashville’s Centennial Park September 28-30 for the 34th Annual TACA Fall Craft Fair. With 30 states represented, fairgoers will enjoy and experience a wide range of American craft. The Tennessee Association of Craft Artists (TACA), a nonprofit, hosts the event each year to fulfill their mission to encourage, develop, and promote craft and craftspeople. More than 200 artists will package their handmade items and journey from all corners of the country to the nationally recognized, juried Fair. Visitors will relish in the variety of craft on display. Patrons can expect to find classics created with wood, clay, and glass, as well as novel pieces made from bone and found objects. With such a breadth of craft available, there is something for everyone at the TACA Fall Craft Fair.

While the public is sure to enjoy the 34th Annual event, TACA’s mission-driven staff and board stay busy behind-the-scenes to champion artists. A callout on the organization’s Facebook page led to an added layer of support for the 33 new exhibitors traveling to this year’s Fair. With a little help from their friends, TACA compiled a series of comments into a Craft Fair Survival Guide. “We want each artist’s weekend to be a huge success,” shares veteran exhibitor and board member, Tim Hintz. “When you are hundreds, even thousands of miles from home, leaving items behind can make or break your weekend. This tool will benefit artists, allowing them to put their best foot forward for the patrons of the Fair.” The support continues throughout the weekend in Centennial Park; TACA pairs new artists with returning exhibitors in the organization’s Booth Buddy Program. Hintz continues, “One of the great things about being part of TACA is joining an extensive network of artists helping other artists.” These programs will allow new artists to shine on the national stage of the TACA Fall Craft Fair.
The TACA Craft Fairs are produced by the Tennessee Association of Craft Artists (TACA), an independent, statewide nonprofit organization and recipient of the Tennessee Governor’s Award in the Arts. By maintaining high standards of excellence, the Tennessee Association of Craft Artists is appreciated for producing festivals representing the finest in American craftsmanship.

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